If you were to collate a list of men’s accessories worn regularly, the list might actually be quite short. You might put towards the top a wristwatch and perhaps lower down a neck chain or a tie pin. Thankfully there’s a safe haven that allows a gentleman to look very stylish and make a wonderful statement about their personality; that accessory is, of course, a pair of cufflinks.

Cufflinks for men

You will have invariably seen cufflinks for men at work, at parties and events; you perhaps wondered where they were purchased or what they say about the person. The cufflinks might relate to a sport that the person is passionate about… perhaps they are enthusiastic about football, golf or cycling. They might wear cufflinks that show their passion for travel, perhaps encompassing a world globe, a compass or a map. The cufflinks could also quite easily give a clue to the musical tastes of that person. All you need to do is to buy them from a reliable website that has a wonderful selection of high quality and carefully chosen handmade cufflinks.

What are cufflinks?

The history of cufflinks actually goes back to the 17th century where men would find alternative ways to fasten their shirt cuffs. Earlier, gentlemen used to tie their cuffs with cuff strings or laces. During the 18th and 19th centuries, cufflinks for men became significantly more popular with the number of designs and fastenings increasing quite considerably. During the latter part of the 20th century, the number of designs increased exponentially as manufacturing processes developed and materials became more widely available.

Are cufflinks relevant in today’s age?

You might ask yourself whether cufflinks are relevant in today’s age. The answer is absolutely yes! Cufflinks don’t just enhance your personality, they add style to an outfit too. Men with cufflinks can really stand out from the crowd; they make a shirt look expensive, they can compliment a tie beautifully and they most definitely say something about the man. Whether worn by a company executive, a President or a well-known personality, cufflinks make such a statement about the person wearing them; they project an image of assured sophistication.

How to choose your perfect cufflinks

There are so many wonderful colours and designs to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. It’s very easy indeed to choose your perfect pair or two, just follow these pointers:

-Consider colours that will enhance your shirt, tie, suit and personality.
-Consider the size of the cufflinks. Do you require a small knot style or a larger statement piece? We recommend a cufflink size of around 15-20mm, perfect to cover the cufflink hole on your cuff and not too conspicuous.
-Choose a theme that’s an extension of your personality. It could be a sporting theme, a classic design, a modern technological theme, novelty, an animal theme, nautical or a hobby.

Overall, choose a pair that matches perfectly with your personality.

Match your cufflinks with your wardrobe colours

Cufflinks are now available in a huge range of colours, you really can be very precise with any requirements to compliment a shirt, tie or suit. Two very popular colours are gold and silver. Gold cufflinks are best paired with warmer colours, silver cufflinks match well with darker tones. Blue and pink are also a very shrewd choice when wearing a shirt in those colours.

Cufflinks styles

When it comes to cufflinks style, there are three main categories to choose from, classic (traditional), modern (contemporary) and novelty. Classic style cufflinks are a safe option, often timeless in their design, sophisticated in their look. They are perfect for more formal occasions. Modern cufflinks, on the other hand, make a statement, they make a perfect gift for a younger family member and are invariably a talking point when worn. Novelty cufflinks are more fun, an extension of one’s personality, perhaps giving an insight into a hobby or favoured sport of the person wearing them. They are very much suited to being worn at work or in semi-formal meetings.

Cufflinks and budget

There’s such a wide range of cufflinks for men available, the price can range from just a few pounds to many hundreds of pounds. Factors that can influence price include the materials used, the quality of those materials, production time, whether precious stones are included in the design or even a brand name. For non-precious stone cufflinks made of brass or stainless steel, we recommend paying around £15-£20 per pair. This will invariably secure you some high-quality cufflinks that will last for years to come.

Cufflinks for men

Cufflink boxes

We always recommend storing your cufflinks in a high-quality cufflink box. This will ensure your cufflinks are kept safe and secure. Cufflinks boxes have a big advantage of separating the cufflinks so they cannot come into contact with each other and therefore scratch or break. Cufflink boxes can be used for one pair, usually with elasticated loops to secure each cufflink, alternatively, if you have a large collection of cufflinks for men, you could also invest in a larger box that will allow you to store multiple pairs of cufflinks, perhaps between 10 and 20 pairs.

Give your style a professional and cool touch with a pair of cufflinks that compliment your outfit and say so much about your personality. Visit the COLLAR AND CUFFS LONDON men’s cufflinks to find a range of high-quality handmade cufflinks. You can filter easily on your desired theme or colour so buying quality cufflinks just became very easy indeed!