There is a type of umbrella available that offers superior protection from wind and rain.  It’s a type of umbrella that’s becoming more and more popular for business and leisure, it is also a popular gift idea giving the recipient something they can use time and time again.  Gifting a dome umbrella to protect the recipient from the elements is such a thoughtful gift for so many reasons.  We explore these below.

dome umbrella

The Difference Between Normal and Dome Umbrellas

There are significant differences between normal umbrellas and a dome umbrella.  Conventional umbrellas such as a compact umbrella or a golf umbrella have canopies that are quite shallow when compared to dome umbrellas.  The “arc” of the frame is flatter, which arguably gives less protection from the elements.  Additionally, normal umbrellas usually have a solid fabric canopy that cannot be seen through.  Both types of umbrella have the potential to have strong frames that can last for years.  The frame of either a normal umbrella or a dome umbrella is usually made from metal or fiberglass, an important difference is the way the ribs of the frame are designed and this is explored in the section below.

Superb coverage for the head and shoulders

A big advantage of dome umbrellas is that they offer superb coverage over the body.  They offer coverage of the head and shoulders, often having a deep arc of around 60cm (24 inches) from the umbrella tip to the end of a rib.  Looking at the other most common types of umbrellas, namely two folds and three folds, straight umbrellas, a single and a double layer umbrella, round canopy shapes, square shaped umbrellas, manual and automatic open umbrellas, etc. they invariably have flatter canopies that are less likely to protect the shoulders.

Strong frames that are difficult to invert

Dome umbrellas are much less likely to invert and there’s a good reason for this.  Due to the deep arc of the frame, it is much more difficult for wind to get underneath the frame, thus making it very difficult to turn inside out.  Additionally, due to the fact that the curvature of the frame is so much more when compared to normal umbrellas, the wind has a much harder job to invert the umbrella even if it does get underneath!  We always recommend going for an umbrella with a metal or fiberglass frame, they are stronger when compared to more inferior plastic frames.  Since there’s a huge selection of umbrellas available on the market, you should choose one that offers protection, style and value for money.  It’s also important to pay attention to various things such as the material of umbrella, design, wind resistance, handle, etc. to find the perfect umbrella for you.

Superb all round vision

A final brilliant reason to go for a dome umbrella is the superb vision it gives you.  The canopy is clear, thus giving an all round panoramic vision.  This is so handy when using the umbrella in a crowd, walking along the street or when walking with friends and family.  We always recommend avoiding canopies with a wide band around the bottom of the clear canopy as this can obscure vision at the important eye level.

Whether you need an umbrella for business or leisure, they are really handy for so many occasions.  Shop from a huge selection of umbrellas, including dome umbrellas online at COLLAR AND CUFFS LONDON.