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Thank you so much for choosing Collar and Cuffs London.  Our passion is to bring you menswear renowned for its sensational quality and style, great value for money and exceptional customer service.

We want all of our customers to be not just happy but delighted with their shopping experience at Collar and Cuffs London.  The feedback we receive shapes our range of products and the service we provide to you.
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A review from Ask Andy About Clothes
One of the world's most popular websites for men's clothing advice, Ask Andy About Clothes, has written an independent review of the Collar and Cuffs London experience.  You can read the full review by clicking here, parts of the review are also reproduced below:
"They offer custom-made shirts in a great choice of fabrics".
"Self-measuring was easy and even easier was choosing the myriad of design details you want for your shirt".
"You can customize so many aspects of the shirt... a pocket and monogram can also be added at no extra cost".
"Ready-made shirts are made to high standards too".
"And their customer service is outstanding.  If you have any questions just contact them.  They actually respond!"
Try the Collar and Cuffs London experience for yourself!  Satisfaction is guaranteed with our 60 day money-back guarantee.
Customer feedback
"Am I in heaven?  I can't believe this fantastic service, it is by far the best customer service I have ever received."  Mr H. from Somerset.
"I have recently bought a Collar and Cuffs London Storm Defender XL umbrella.  It has served me well on a spectacular hike in the Nepal Himalayas, both against sun and rain, and also as a walking stick!"  Mr L from Germany.
"Great product and serivce from seller.  Obviously have a keen eye for a good product."  D & S from Oxfordshire
"My wife loves it. Used it during real high winds, and apart from her being blown inside out, the brolly didnt!!!!"  Mr B from Essex.
"These cuff-links are gorgeous, fantastic price too!" S S from Bristol.
"Really pleased with the Shirt & Cufflinks, bought for a cruise, more than happy with the purchase." L P from Cheshire.
"Thanks for all your wonderful, personal help during this process.  Excellent customer service.  I've not had service like this for a long long time!"  Mr M from Surrey.
"This is probably the best customer service experience I've had from any retailer!"  Mr N from London.
"A beautiful shirt and tie given to my husband as a gift for him to wear to a Valentine's Ball, we were both very pleased with how he looked on the night and with wearing such a quality shirt he shone with confidence on the dance floor."  Mrs L from Worcestershire.
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